Welcome! #MyFirstPost

Hey, whats up? Hello and welcome to Becca’s voice! I am very excited to be sharing with you women different but positive views of the local fashion and music scene here in Atlanta and any other places I visit along the way. Whether national or international. What makes it great is that I plan to piece every story with something positive.

It’s easy to find all things negative about everyone online now anyways. Who’s going to stand out? I am!  From what’s trending, what’s new, where any events will be held, you can find that here. Along with daily morning motivation, I plan on giving you ladies some great fashion tips for the work place, night out or even upcoming interviews.

I am currently working on a feature story now about a local stylist and lifestyle coach by the name of E’Dena Johnson and the launching of her brand called the “Butterfli E’ffect”.  Just from the name of the brand, you could probably already see that it’s centered around change and growth. While helping women with their style she also helps “style their mind and way of thinking”, as she calls it, preparing them for things like job opportunities, first dates, and so much more.

Stay tuned ladies, till then be chic!



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