Women Who Are Succeeding By Faith

Obsession’s Shoe Boutique opened its doors to women, on Saturday evening, for a night of empowerment. Jermecia Macardo, owner of Obsession Shoe Boutique in Smyrna Georgia, hosted the event. Marcado included a panel of women who work in the fashion and media industry to share their individual stories with the audience. The panel included Atlanta stylist- Vanne McMillan, Publicist of P.R. Mentality LLC- Lindsey Walker and Managing Editor of Bossip.com – Janee’ Bolden.

The audience of women got the opportunity to eat, mingle, shop around and take photos before the panelist spoke. Each of the women spoke about their struggles to obtain the success that they have today and what they are still dealing with. Vanne McMillian became emotional as she recalled her journey.

“I’ve seen some changes,” McMillan said tearfully, “Coming from where I come from, a place where a lot of my high-school class mates are dead. And, you know girls are pregnant. You got three options in Kansas City. You get pregnant, you go to jail or you die. I went home for Christmas and got my first award from the city for just staying true to myself. You can’t tell me what He can’t do.” Mcmillan continued.

She was referring to God, and how her faith has been a huge help for her during her journey to becoming a stylist. It was definitely something that all the panelist agreed on for their individual journeys as well.

In addition to channeling their faith, Janee’ Bolden also encouraged the crowd to write their goals and visions out for where they want to be.

“I think writing goals is big. Before I started writing for Bossip, I had a friend that asked me, ‘When you get a full-time job, what is the salary that you think you are going to need?’, and when I got the job offer it was actually 5,000 more than the number that I had written down. I think there is a lot of power in writing down what you want.” Said Bolden.

The event ended with more networking and goodie bags for all the attendees.

For more on the Obsessions Shoe Boutique, you can visit their facebook page and you can follow the panel on Instagram below,

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