Zuvva Pop up Shop Continues Despite Extreme Weather

Winter storm Jonas made it’s way along the east coast this weekend causing snowstorms for many states including Atlanta, Georgia. However, the unexpected weather wasn’t going to stop the Zuvva: Pop Up Shop on Saturday.

“We’re not afraid of a little snow…” Zuvva Global Market wrote in an email to attendees the day before the snowstorm hit Atlanta. It turns out, the shoppers weren’t afraid of “a little” bit of snow too.

Zuvva, an on online global market place for African designs, set up a one day only Pop up shop in Atlanta at Studio 7 on Saturday Afternoon. Many shoppers were able to try on and purchase all different types of African designs from the creators themselves. They ranged from clothing, to handbags to jewelry.

Although the event was catered to the women shoppers, N’nambdi Arinze held it down for the men. Arinze’s clothing line, Personal Advisory, is a Hip-Hop and African culture. Arinze says there is a lot behind the idea of his brand.

“The youth. 13, 14, 15-year-old black males never heard of Malcolm X. So, to me it stands for preservation of Hip-Hop culture. Things that are important black people. Things that are very progressive for Black people that are all over the world and diaspora.” Said Arinze

Charlene Dunbar designer/creator of Sua KoKo Betty, who was also in attendance as a vendor, also believes that African designs are empowering especially for women.

“That’s a connection to home, we’re proud to be African. I just think it has so much meaning.” Said Dunbar

Aside from the shopping experience, Zuvva and Studio 7 also provided an open bar for the shoppers to warm-up unwind and mingle.

For more on Zuvva Global Marketplace and African designers, visit Zuuva.com.






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