Charles, Gives Back Again With A Message of Love

Stephanie Charles is planning another outreach in Atlanta, Georgia, this time for Valentine’s Day. Back in December, Charles linked up with her friend, Lucrecia Florestal, to give back to homeless and less fortunate women and children with an outreach program they called “Put It In The Bag”. She gave out purses filled with toiletries, make-up and a toy to women who were homeless or going through a tough time financially. Charles will be working solo this month. She will be filling 10 oversized purses filled with toiletries and make-up once again, however, this time Charles will add a perfume and a bible verse attached to a love letter. She describes the love letter as an encouragement to women. “ It’s the month of love and some of these women have had a hard times and what better way to encourage to give back and remind these women that they are beautiful and forever loved by God?” Charles explained. Once again, Charles isn’t interested in the any recognition and doesn’t want to advertise what’s she is doing on social media, she said it’s just about giving back.

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