Social Media Celebrates Black Girls Rock

The empowerment of women and girls is something that can be best seen with the growth of social media. Through hashtags alone on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter, you can find a variety of different subjects relating to the empowerment of women. They can be for campaigns, promotions and the awareness of different issues as it related to women.

The way we communicate women’s issues has changed. Movements can spread to millions in seconds and campaigns can hit the ground running – with smart social media planning, vast email databases and viral videos all playing their part.- Media Tech Network

Most recently the television network, BET, televised the annual award show “Black Girls Rock”. You’ve probably seen #BlackGirlsRock heavily used on Twitter and Instagram this past week, especially since the recent airing of the award show.

Beverly Bond, a popular female Disc Jockey and former model, created the Black Girls Rock movement in 2006. The non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization was established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media. The movement expanded into an award show in 2010, honoring women and girls of color whether celebrities, activist or just regular people impacting their communities.

This year’s award show was hosted by actress Tracee Ellis Ross. Ross did an amazing job promoting the show via her Instagram and Twitter pages. One of the highlighted post was her rehearsal video while dancing to Beyonce’s formation and it went viral. It definitely had social media buzzing and was reaching all different demographics who now were introduced the #BlackGirlRockMovement.


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After the show aired, many moments were also highlighted through social media. Those moments included clips of the musical performances and uplifting quotes from those who were awarded. The singer Brandy’s powerful performance of her singing her new single “Beggin and Pleadin” was a hot video that was getting shared and reposted all throughout facebook. Another great moment for the show was when Rihanna’s speech and Hilary Clinton being on stage as well.

So, all in all social media definitely played a huge role in the promotion of women empowerment and the ever growing audience of Black Girls Rock for the year of 2016. For more on Black Girls Rock, visit www.BlackGirlRock.Inc and also check out BET’s show schedule for a  Black Girl’s Rock encore.

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