Two Women Seeking To Make A Difference Through Their Non-Profits

A few months ago, (RA) followed the journey of two women who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams. Recently, RA had the opportunity to catch up with best friends Shirley Chilus and Lucrecia Coty to get an update.

The 27 year-olds are still striving for nothing less than to make the most of their twenties. Chilus and Coty have actually spent the last month working on their separate non-profits. Coty’s  social media campaign, “Love Over Chaos”  featuring her ‘Love’ pillows, has grown since then.

“I’m so excited that more and more people are wanting to know about my campaign. It’s simple, I just want to spread more love in a world where it’s seems so much negative and hateful things are happening. My purpose is to encourage. I’ll make that my life’s mission,” said Coty.

Although her campaign is featured in Atlanta, Coty has since traveled to Tampa, Florida and Savannah,Georgia to feature people in her campaign.

Love Over Chaos featured in Tampa with a supporter. (Photo Cred: Lucrecia Coty)

Love Over Chaos featured in Tampa with a supporter.
(Photo Cred: Lucrecia Coty)

Chilus has actually started working on her own non profit. She plans to help out residents of senior living facilities by offering free haircuts to the men and free washing and styling for the women.

“Just like LuLu [Lucrecia], I just want to give back. I want to use my gift to help someone. That makes me happy to be able to make people look and feel good. Especially when they feel alone and neglected, like some people in the senior living facilities,” explained Chilus.

Chilus wants to start implementing her plan to give back before the start of 2017.

Lucrecia (left) and Shirley(right) pose for a selfie. (Photo cred: Shirley Chilus)

To follow Lucrecia’s journey, check out her Instagram page. Chilus is still working on building her non-profit, however you can still follow her journey on her Instagram as well.

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