A Local Women’s Brunch Collects Water to Donate to Flint, Michigan

Shoniqua Allyene of The Diva Sessions hosted her monthly Beauty & Soul brunch at 10th and Piedmont in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday. This particular brunch was directed towards collecting water to send off to Flint, Michigan in efforts to help the people affected by the current water crisis. Allyene said that this was the perfect time to give back and help.

“While I was creating [the event] the water for Flint crisis showed up and I said, ‘you know what, this is a perfect opportunity for us to get together and do something.”

All of the women who were in attendance at the brunch were asked to bring at least two contributions of water. That could have been in multipacks or gallons.

Allyene has a connection with a local church out in Flint. The water will be sent to the church and then distributed out to those who need it within the Flint community. Over mimosas and a variety of breakfast foods, the women also took time out to talk about other subjects, like relationships, life and even other ways they could help out the community. For more information on the Diva Sessions: Beauty & Soul Brunch or if you would like to donate to Flint, you may contact Allyene through email at info@thedivasessions.com.



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