Album Review: Tweet’s Charlene

Yes, Tweet is back! For all my fellow R&B, Neo-Soul music lovers , I know this is like Christmas for you. The 45-year-old (yes, 45… she doesn’t age) singer has titled the track Charlene, which is her real name. After listening to the smooth sounds, I really just want to go to a hookah lounge and just vibe. It gives you such a natural high. From some good two step music, break up to love songs. Whatever the feeling, she has a track to match that on Charlene. Another great thing about this project is that she has teamed back up with the musical genius duo, Missy Elliot and Timbo, for the production of this project. My personal favorite is the song “Neva Shoulda Left Ya”. Her smooth vocals on this old school up-tempo beat helps you get the gist of the song. She talks about how she regrets leaving the good guy she once loved and how she misses him, especially now that he’s moved on. She also goes to explain how she should have stuck it out, but it’s too late. I can relate to being the guy and even Tweet herself. I have moved on from guys that I probably should have given a chance to, and guys have left me begging for another chance. But, it’s always too late. So, moral of the story here, sometimes you stick it out if you see that there is something worth fighting for. Don’t wait till you can’t get that person back to tell them that you miss them. Thanks TWEET for some great tunes to ride out and drink wine too! Click here to Purchase the album—> Charlene by Tweet

Hear the track “Neva Should Left Ya” below…


Charlene Tracklisting:

01. Intro: Soulfully Yours, Charlene
02. Magic
03. Won’t Hurt Me
04. Priceless
05. Interlude: All I See Is You
06. Somebody Else Will (Feat. Missy Elliott)
07. Addicted
08. Neva Shouda Left Ya
09. The Hardest Thing
10. Got Whatcha Want
11. Interlude: Will You Be Here
12. I Didn’t Know
13. Dadada…..Struggle
14. I Was Created For This
15. Outro: I Surrender

Bonus Tracks from Best Buy 

16. Somewhere Out There
17. Fool No Mo

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