Beauty Mogul and Self Made Millionaire Launches New Book About Marketing

Turning nothing into something is a dream for many people who want to make it as an entrepreneur. That was a dream that became a reality for the beauty maven, Ming Lee. Lee, who has been doing hair since she was seven years old, didn’t know that her ‘side hustle’ would make her a millionaire. During an interview with, the Detroit, Michigan native says that her choice to move Atlanta, Georgia without any blueprint at the age of 19 and was the best choice she ever made. While in Atlanta, Lee enrolled into the Aveda Institute for hair and after graduating she worked in a salon and built clientele. While trying to raise $500 to buy a new couch, the hair stylist decided to invest in herself and her brand. That is how her beauty and hair website was created.

“And that $500 was the money I really was saving to buy a couch, since I had just moved and only had a bed in my apartment. I started small but instead of spending my profit I invested it in the company. In fact, I didn’t even see a profit from my company for the first 4 months! During that time, I only spent enough money to cover rent. Not even food really. I use to share food at the salon with my co-workers and at night I worked as a waitress so I would eat at work. Though I struggled financially in the beginning, it didn’t take long to see progress,”  Lee shared in an interview with

Atlanta hair stylist Shirley Chilus said that she has been following Lee’s career closely and since she aspires to own her own salon, marketing her brand is key.

“Ming shows people that you can market yourself and invest in yourself no matter where you are in your life and your dream will grow. You just need patience,” said Chilus.

This Saturday at the Bill Lowe Art’s Gallery in Atlanta, Lee launched her new book called, Best Marketer Wins, where she discusses how she marketed herself and became a millionaire. Many entrepreneurs around Atlanta came out to show their support. It was another stepping-stone in her career. For more information on Ming Lee, her brand and her new book, visit View clips from the event below.

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