Devon Franklin and Meagan Good Discuss ‘The Wait’

Pastor and movie director Devon Franklin and his wife, actress Meagan Good, wrote a book called the “The Wait”. The book is about waiting till marriage to have sex and how the couple was able to do so through their faith in God. The couple was in Los Angeles, California at One Church LA on Valentine’s Day promoting their book. The church named the event “The Wait” Kingdom Love 2”. Kiara Denise, who is an attendee of the church and was also at the event, said that Franklin and Good’s relationship was so inspiring. Butler described the event as an inspiring event with a great turnout.

Denise waited outside the doors of One Church LA for about an hour before gathering inside the church with other attendees. She found her seat and waited patiently. “ I just knew we had to get here early. Everyone is talking about this book and this is a celebrity couple so I knew it was going to packed.”

Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church LA, hosted and engaged the crowd with great stories and light humor as Butler described. Then Franklin and Good walked out onto the stage and the crowd applauded with excitement.

“I think most of us were excited because we were so inspired by what they are representing. God celibacy and marriage. That is huge in this day and age, since sex seems to be the only way to describe relationships now and days,” Denise said.

It was the wisdom that the couple gave the audience about their relationship that inspired Butler, who has been celibate for about 2 years.

Franklin and Good described how they met during the taping of a movie they both worked on, “Jumping The Broom“.  The movie was also about waiting till marriage. Good says it changed her life. To many is may have seemed unconventional for a pastor and a woman who is constantly portrayed as a sex symbol to hit it off. But, looks can be deceiving. The couple both expressed how tough it can be but the importance of waiting till marriage.

Franklin said that in his twenties he used to preach about abstinence and was not practicing that way of living. So, he decided to change his life and lead be example. Franklin was celibate 10 years, and he said that allowed him to stay focused in the right things and view a relationship as more than just sex. Good also agreed that waiting allowed her to get focused in so many different ways. This relationship opened her to a whole new way of seeing things and living. She also speaks about the importance of keeping God at the center of the relationship.

The couple referenced the bible verse Romans 12: 1-3, which speaks about dedicating your life to God and respecting your bodies. The verse also speaks about using good judgements as believers. Butler was truly encouraged when she left the church that evening. During her ride home she called all of her girlfriends to encourage them about reading the ‘The Wait’.

“Waiting till marriage is not something that is easy, especially when you find someone you love. However, listening to Devon and Meagan up there tonight, I can see that it definitely strengthens you and keeps you focused. I see that it is possible and what better way grow in a relationship, than to get closer to God together. It is so worth the wait,” Denise explained.

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