Fashion Brand Empowers Women Through Business

The fashion brand Stella & Dot launched its latest collection of accessories and handbags for 2016. Director, personal stylist and founding leader of Stella & Dot, Buffie Jubard, hosted a free social in Suwanee, Ga. to view the collection. The social was to inform potential stylist/ambassadors about the brand, give them an opportunity to be among the first to view the Spring 2016 collection and to also meet with the brand’s current stylist.

Most of the pieces from Stella & Dot could be worn in several different ways. For instance one of their statement piece necklaces can be broken down into a simple piece or worn all together for a layered look. Along with being unique and versatile, the brand is also about empowering women giving them freedom from a business aspect.

Jubard, who has been with company 9 years, credited the brand’s CEO, Jessica Herrin, for the empowerment of women and it’s positive foundation. “The company was started from her mission, not for a profit and that’s what’s great about it,” said Jubard.

“I’m passionate about helping women meet their goals and their dreams. I think that a lot of times women don’t want to feel like we are by ourselves. I want to help women get past their fears in doing something like this (business). Even me, I can look back and see how confident I’ve become since joining,” Jubard continued.

The Today Show describes Herrin as an innovator who “built the successful business Stella & Dot by helping other women build businesses of their own.”

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