Meet the “Shoe-ologist”

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” This is a quote by famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin, and it’s also shoe boutique owner, Stephanie Charles’ favorite quote.

Stephanie checking the new shipment of shoes for the new season.

Stephanie checking the new shipment of shoes for the new season.

Christian Louboutin hit it right on the money honey. Listen, your shoes will reveal a lot about your confidence. That’s for both men and women,” said Charles.

Charles calls her self a “shoe-oligist”. She is the co-owner of the shoe boutique “Shoe Lover” in the South Lake Mall in Morrow, Georgia. The 27-year-old businesswoman says she makes it her duty to see every woman walk in the store with a story to tell and walk out of the store refined and confident with a pair of shoes to match.

Charles said her love for shoes started to really surface when she was in high school.

“I was one of the only girls in high school rocking heels. I walked the halls as if they belonged to me with an extra pep in my step because of the inches on my heels. I got compliments from teachers and students. Truth is, it was my only pair of heels. Black, heelless booties. They were hand me downs. No one knew though because I wore them with confidence,” Charles recalled.

Charles made it her duty as soon as she got a job to search for the best pair of shoes to match feeling for each occasion. She said when someone would ask her about her shoes she would give them a testimony with it and it would encourage that person to go buy a shoe.

Shoes come with different heights, colors and styles. Charles is sure that her store has a shoe for every woman. Ranging from flats, short heels, boots, platform heels and sandals. The list is plenty and she uses that to her advantage to match a shoe for every customer’s mood.

“At my store I hear so many different life stories. I know it’s a shoe boutique but you have people who come in who have relationship issues, financial issues, you name it. And they just want to talk. I even had a customer who had no toes due to diabetes and she walked in to my store just to talk to someone and I let her. I helped her find a closed toe shoe that wasn’t t high. She was so happy, she cried. That made me cry, I knew that this was a part of my greater purpose,” said Charles.

Charles, who has been at partner at Shoe Lover for over two years, said that these are the moments she lives for. Being able to help women gain their confidence no matter what the circumstance and sometimes just being a listening ear. That’s what makes her a “shoe-ologist”.

Unlike most boutiques, Charles refuses to have an online presence at the moment. She said her website is under-construction but she strictly relies on good business and word-of-mouth of her customers.

“I guess I’m just a 27-year-old old soul. I know people may not agree with my method, but customers come back and they bring new customers to me, so I may be doing something right.” Charles laughed.

Charles has future plans to expand to more than the three Georgia mall locations that she already has. She has also added a Men’s section to her store.

“I look forward to growing this brand,” she smiled.

To find out more about the store you may visit the South Lake Mall location in Morrow.

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