Looking for a nice date or just a calm after-work getaway is sometimes hard to do (unless you’re in a city like New York.) Atlanta is known as one of the celebrity hot spots when it comes to music and concerts. You can definitely unwind at a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert or even witness the reunion of Dru-Hill, in all their glory, in Atlanta. Who doesn’t want to do that? Nothing says relaxing like R&B and Neo Soul music.

Ladies, it could be your turn to plan date night and guess who is coming to town on October 30th? Lalah Hathaway. That’s right, after two years of no concerts, the daughter of legendary singer Donnie Hathaway, is on tour and she’ll be at the Center Stage.

Hathaway is best known for singles like and remake of Luther Vandross’ “Forever, For Always, For Love” and “Breathe”. Her deep raspy voice brings so much power, in a calming manner, to the lyrics of her music. You could even get a great jazz Feel.

If you’ve never been to a Hathaway concert, be prepared for something different. In an interview with Buffalo’s radio station WBLK, Hathaway said that her performance depends on the energy of the crowd.

Each show is really catered to the room and for the crowd.  People who have seen me multiple times can tell you that each show is a little bit different, it all just depends on the feel and the night and the room.”– Lalah Hathaway (Read More: Lalah Hathaway Interview (VIDEO) |

Hathaway is currently working on a new project and how she is releasing it is also quite different. Her new album Lalah Hathaway Live is going to be released live on on October 30. Yes, the same day as the Atlanta concert.

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