Style and Life Coach Launches Brand in Downtown Charlotte


Erale, talking about her website as it’s projected on the wall.

Over 30 people gathered Saturday night at the New Modern Art Gallery in downtown Charlotte to celebrate Dena Erale’s brand launch. Erale, a fashion and life coach, made her first ever brand, “The Butterfli E’ffect” (TBE), available to the public along with the launch of her website

At the event, Erale spoke about the services she provides through the program, which include consultation, personal styling/shopping, wardrobe for photo-shoot and setting transitional phases. Erale said that styling the physical is one part of the process, however, it’s the styling or “transitioning” of the mind that holds more weight for her because she had to begin the process on herself.

“ When you think of the butterfly, it begins as caterpillar. Not the most prettiest little creature…” Erale said jokingly. ‘But, it goes through a stage where it takes itself away from the world for a while, only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. That’s what I had to do with myself, some soul searching away from the world. Changing my mindset and the way that I live. That’s beautiful. The way I thought before that was so depressing. Always thinking that nothing will go right for me. I was miserable at my job, just miserable in life. Then I realized I could change that.” She continued.

Erale told the audience that she meditated by praying and reading her bible. In addition, she wrote down all of her feelings and goals in a journal for a month, which helped her improve her thinking.

Davin Jones, one of Erale’s clients who was also in attendance, said that the Butterfli E’ffect is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. “After the whole process I not only was dressing better, I started to feel more confident to apply to jobs that I never thought I would get. I ended up getting a call back and I start Monday ” said Jones, who started the program in August.

After presenting Erale had everyone who was there write down, on a card provided at each table, something they wanted to work on in their lives. She had them take the cards home and challenged each person to work on it.

The evening ended with dancing and networking. Everyone left with butterfly stamped goodie bags filled with treats and Erale’s business cards.

View more photos from the event below.

For more information about the Butterfli Effect, visit


Erale (center) with a friend (left) and her client Davin (Right). (Photo Cred: Artist)


Butterfly stamped goodie bags from the launch. (Photo Cred: Artist)


Erale with two of her supporters. (Photo Cred: Artist)

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