Stylist Coach Dena Erale presents: The Butterfli E’ffect

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Stylist Coach Dena Erale presents: The Butterfli E’ffect


 Charlotte, NC- On September 12, 2015 Up and coming stylist and life coach, Dena Erale will be launching her new brand, The Butterfli E’ffect, at the New Modern Art Gallery in downtown Charlotte. This will be the first time she reveals her website and company plans with the public. It will also second as a networking event for those interested in styling and fashion.

Erale, who already made a name for herself styling local models for photo-shoots, will be sharing her own story, as well as the success stories of those she’s already worked with in hopes of encouraging anyone looking to make a change in not only their style, but their life. “Stylist Coach – someone that not only styles the physical, but also your mind. Encouraging individuals to push themselves, and help build his/her self-esteem whether it’s through the physical or the mindset. When seeking guidance to make a positive transition through your life and you don’t know where to start, that’s the role I play to make sure you get on the right path.” (

Each month, Erale will be working with a new person. She’ll be making over their wardrobe and also helping with job searches, resumes, meditation and much more.

 About Butterfli E’ffect:

The Butterfli E’ffect gives you personal one-on-one coaching, daily motivational messages (through text, phone call or emails) and easy day-to-day goals. Through the program you’ll get consultation, personal styling/shopping, wardrobe for photo-shoot and setting transitional phases. Erale provides a daily journal for documenting growth throughout the month. Networking and mentoring opportunities are also available depending on the type of consultation provided.


Learn more about The Butterfli E’ffect at

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