Rant: The Joy Of Thrifting



Ok, let me begin by saying thrifting has CHANGED my life and saved me a coin or two (even more than that)! Seriously! I recall when I was younger my mother used to bring home clothes from the pe-pe (thrift store), not because we were down on hard times or anything, but because she was a bargain shopper. I used to hate it. I already had to deal with my older sister’s hand-me-downs and throughout middle school and into my first year of high school. All the kids at school were rocking the clothes with the tags still on them, the latest name brands. I knew some of parents were literally having to spend ALL they had on those clothes for their kids. My mommy would always say with her Haitian accent “Gal, I find better price.” She always did.

As soon as I got my first job during my sophomore year in high school, I spent my whole check on Coach sneakers, Coach purse, name brand jeans…etc. I was already spoiled so my parents were paying my cell phone bill and I could spend my money on the material things I thought made me more acceptable to my peers. Then came college and I was deemed “spender-rella” by my father.  I was blowing through money like crazy all because I was shopping so much. When my father cut me off from the monthly funds, I had to figure out life. I needed a job to support my bad shopping habit, yes it was terrible.  I don’t know what that was about. Maybe it was me trying so hard to forget that people picked on me in my younger days for wearing second hand clothes. Whatever it was, it was ridiculous.

So, as began to go through my college  years in Tallahassee, Florida, I realized that I needed clothes for every season and also professional wear for my classes. I didn’t have the funds to purchase new things from my go-to spot, Forever21. So, I called Mummy because I was definitely not going to call Daddy. Lol, I made Mom do the dirty work. However, this time she was not going to have it with me. She said “You better go to the pe-pe gal!” So, in desperate need for some business casual attire, I hit up the thrift store and it was heaven. I came out with about 4 outfits to wear to my classes and for when I was reporting. It came up to maybe under 6 bucks. I got compliment after compliment  on my blazers and slacks. I put all my girlfriends on to it too! After I graduated and moved to New York, thrifting made it easy for me to stay fashion forward while hustling in the Concrete Jungle

Now, fast forward to today, I am still a shopaholic. But I tend to look for sales and I stay away from the impulse buying. I despise shopping at the mall, but I’ll do some online. I primarily thrift and it has definitely helped me stay within my budget at all times. I love doing DIY’s on my clothes, like distressing my jeans and making shorts. Most of the time no-one will ever have on your outfit. I have found great vintage high fashion brands like Chanel, Doonie and Burke and Vera Wang for 25 cents each. So, I say all this to say thrifting has helped me stay chic and helped me budget. I will post a thrifted look for you all weekly. I will also be featuring a story on great finds on my trip to the thrift store here in Atlanta. Stay tuned.




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